Job opportunities

BSU Lyceum opens training courses for centralized testing in chemistry and biology with the Belarusian language teaching. Summary marked &smallQuot;Applicant for the post of teacher training courses to CT (Bel.).&smallQuot; Be sent

Looking for talented teachers to work at the BSU Lyceum !

Preparatory Courses &smallQuot;Evening Lyceum&smallQuot;

To work on courses &smallQuot;Evening Lyceum&smallQuot; on a competitive basis are invited professors of following subjects: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, Russian language, Russian literature, Belarusian language, Belarusian literature, History of Belarus, World History.

We offer:

-interesting work in a successful, fast-growing school in the evening (16:00-19:00) part-time;-high wages;-system of additional premiums, incentives and bonuses;-the possibility of continuous professional development;-the possibility of full self-actualization.

Requirements for candidates:

-knowledge of the subject;-knowledge of modern teaching methods;-kindness, responsibility, diligence, enthusiasm;-commitment to professional growth;-availability of educational practice in educational institutions is welcome, but is not a prerequisite!

Summary marked &smallQuot;Applicant for the post of &smallQuot;Evening Lyceum&smallQuot; teacher&smallQuot; send