Distance Learning

BSU Lyceum offers distance learning courses for secondary school 8-9 year students, preparation courses students or other BSU Lyceum applicants on the following subjects:

Entrance exams materials "BSU Lyceum for Applicants"

Year courses in this section are a complete sets of BSU Lyceum entrance exams tasks and their solutions for the whole period of exams existence. The course can be used for BSU Lyceum entrance exams preparation.

BSU Lyceum entrance exams preraration courses

The courses in this section are aimed at those who attend preparatory courses and those who wish to improve their knowledge on chosen subjects. Besides theoretical materials the courses contain assorted BSU Lyceum entrance exams tasks.

Central Testing Preparation Courses

Central Testing preparation courses are based on the tasks used for preparing Lyceum students for Central Testing.
Preparation materials alsoa include ones similar to those used for mock-testing in 2007-2010. All mock-testing tasks contain detailed solutions and answers.Each task has teacher's comments.

As a result of Distant Learning courses trial/ approbation in 2008-2009, Lyceum students who additionally took Distant Learning courses, showed better CT results in comparison to those who did not.

To register for Distance Learning Courses you need a stable Internet connection and an e-mail address. Information is exchanged through Distance Learning site e-lyceum.by

We hope that the courseswill support and motivate you in studying both humanities and natural sciences. Our courses are characterised by practical approach and are focused on students whose objective is getting full and comprehensive information about CT and Lyceum entrance tasks. The courses are created for those who would like to pass CT or Lyceum entrance exams and those who wish to improve their knowledge.