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International Olympiad of the Union State, &smallQuot;Russia and Belarus: historical and spiritual community&smallQuot;

Olympiad for high school students, has become a tradition, in 2014, held for the ninth time.

&smallQuot;RUSSIA - BELARUS: historical and spiritual unity.&smallQuot;
To participate in the qualifying round is necessary to perform a written work(comprehensive analysis of poetry or prose text), until September 28.
The Olympiad is held on a range of subjects &smallQuot;Russian Language&smallQuot; and &smallQuot;Russian Literature.&smallQuot;Olympiad consists of two stages: Preliminary and Final.

Qualifying stage takes place in the regions of Russia and Belarus in September each year. The venue of the final stage alternately are Belarusian and Russian cities. The final stage - the end of October - early November. It consists of two rounds. The first (creative) tour involves writing essays. In the second round, participants perform a complex work, including questions on the Russian language and Russian literature. The final tour involves team members to participate in competitions of expressive reading and rhetorical skills.

The results of the final stage are summed up in the individual and team competitions.


The team of the BSU Lyceum took the first place and all the participants were awarded the diplomas:

Victoria Migulya(11Phil-2) – I diploma
Ulyana Budik (11Phil-2 ) - I diploma
Elizaveta Lysenko (10 Phil-1) - II diploma
Natalia Khodko (10 Phil-1) - III diploma
Aleksandra Osmolovskaya (11 Phil-1) - III diploma
Kristina Konstantinova (11 Phil-2) -III diploma

Centralized Testing Results